How these short video’s can inspire your retail team

Working in retail is hard and being a leader in retail is even harder. I sometimes struggle to motivate my team and with only a 15 minute gap between staff arriving and the shop doors opening I have been on the hunt for some quick videos to help set the tone for the day. I thought I would share a couple that have become some of my favourites over the years and have included some discussion points for after the video has finished.

Sam Glenn: Your Communication Determines Responses in Others

Bring a little humour to the morning meeting with Sam Glenn who explains how your attitude can affect others

Inspiring Customer Service is THIS EASY | Leadership speaker | Ross Shafer

Ask your team what small thing they could do with their customer today that will have a huge impact on their experience in store.

Steve Jobs Customer Experience

Discuss what benefits the customer will have from purchasing from the company you work for. Why should they choose you over another brand who does similar things?

5 Essentials For Creating A Differentiated Customer Experience

Brainstorm some ideas with your team about how staff can influence each of the 5 areas of customer experience and make a plan to impact at least 1 during the day.







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